If you have ever been to down Grand Marais, Minnesota you can’t miss the Beaver House!  Its giant emerging walleye that seems to protrude through the front of the building is a tourist magnet. Its tail protrudes through the roof. It was created, mostly from fiberglass, by local artist Jim Korf in 1990 and 1991. It took two years to make a walleye that big. The building is covered with colorful murals and signs.

The Beaver House didn’t begin as a fishing store. Tyson Cronberg, the owner, said his late father, Bill, and his uncle, the late Guyal Anderson, bought the building in 1964. They started as a shoe repair and clothing retail business. During the long winters, they began making fishing lures, which they soon found attracted more customers than clothes and shoes.

“Guys were standing in line to get the lures, so they decided to focus on the fishing
business,” said Tyson Cronberg who is now continuing a family tradition by making the lures. Chances are if you are looking for a specific lure or fishing gadget Tyson will have it. Besides Beaver Flicks, the Cronbergs -- including Tyson's three children -- make lots of
other tackle: floating rigs, spin-floats, "Little Joe" spinners, night-crawler harnesses, yarn flies, strip-ons, jigs and more. Oh, and hookless Beaver Flick earrings in two sizes.
This is where Beaver Flicks were first invented.  This homemade fishing lure has kept
tourists from all over the region coming back to the Cronberg family-owned shop for the last 48 years. "My brother (Marty Cronberg) invented them," Tyson says, "But I made 'em famous." Beaver Flicks are the simplest things. A swivel, an O-ring, a slender willow-leaf blade and a hook. They'll catch any kind of fish. Tyson tells people that he guarantees them to catch fish in the summertime. He double-guarantee them for ice-fishing.
The shop will be closing but the lures, fishing equipment and experience are still for sale on this site. It is the only place you will find the Beaver Flick.

So let’s go fishing….
If you do not see what you are looking for contact Tyson or send Mario an e-mail.
The Beaver Flick lure

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